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Straight teeth, fast

If you're looking to have straighter teeth in time for a wedding, holiday or new job, then the revolutionary Six Month Smiles® Is the answer. This short term orthodontic treatment uses low force to move teeth more comfortably and in a much shorter time than traditional braces. 

By focusing on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth rather than the position of your bite, Six Month Smiles® uses traditional orthodontic mechanics to give you a beautiful new smile. This means that treatment concentrates on the teeth that show when you smile in order to achieve the fantastic results in the shortest time - an average of just six months.

The Lucid-Lok® clear brackets and tooth-colored wires are barely visible so no one will know you are wearing braces. We also provide Six Month Smiles® Patient Tray Kits™ to ensure that your appointments are fast and comfortable and the treatment itself is typically less expensive than traditional braces or aligners.

To find out more about Six Month Smiles®, call our practice in Gloucester, on 01452 332444 or request your consultation.

  • I had my braces off in November 2013, I am really happy with the result and how straight my teeth are now. Well worth it! Thank you Phoenix.

  • The treatment provided was second to none. His teeth look wonderful, perfectly in-line and he smiles all the time. Well done to Raj and Phoenix!

  • I am really happy with my new straight smile. All within 18 months. Great job.

  • Thank you so much for all you have done for me, my new smile looks amazing.

  • I had NHS braces fitted about 4 months ago. I have already noticed great improvements when I smile. I’m glad I had the treatment started.

  • I started my private orthodontic treatment 5 months ago and have noticed a great difference in the appearance of my teeth. People have already commented about the difference!