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Comfortable & discreet braces

Because they do away with the ties or ligatures normally associated with conventional braces, and use ‘friction-free technology’ instead, our self-ligating braces are not only comfortable to wear, but also discrete, so few will ever notice that you are wearing braces.

They are a more modern alternative to “train tracks” and use small metal clips to keep the wire in place instead of elastic bands. We use the Smartclip™ SL3 self-ligating system from 3M which unlike some conventional braces, you won’t suffer speech impediments while wearing them.

To find out more about the range of teeth straightening treatments we can offer you, arrange your initial consultation by calling 01452 332 444 or enquire online.

  • I had my braces off in November 2013, I am really happy with the result and how straight my teeth are now. Well worth it! Thank you Phoenix.

  • The treatment provided was second to none. His teeth look wonderful, perfectly in-line and he smiles all the time. Well done to Raj and Phoenix!

  • I am really happy with my new straight smile. All within 18 months. Great job.

  • Thank you so much for all you have done for me, my new smile looks amazing.

  • I had NHS braces fitted about 4 months ago. I have already noticed great improvements when I smile. I’m glad I had the treatment started.

  • I started my private orthodontic treatment 5 months ago and have noticed a great difference in the appearance of my teeth. People have already commented about the difference!